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Vance Charter School - Henderson, NC

The Vance Charter School project could give new definition to the term "Adaptive Reuse".  As a transformation of a former 105,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, which once produced Modular Homes to a full fledged 21st century, modern school, this building truly has a new life.  The building once full of bridge cranes, catwalks and trolleys, now provides space for 600+ students in grades Kindergarten through ninth grade.  And its formerly, windowless façade has now been opened up with clerestory glazing and expansive view glass to bringing daylight to the once cavernous structure.


Facts and Features:

  • Multipurpose play space, Media center, Computur labs, High School Regulation Gym, 2 Dining Halls, Extensive Commons

  • Total price of just under $6 million

  • $58/sf

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